Popoli Dalpane Ensemble – Eno/logie


“How many grapes went into the wine” is the perfect subtitle of this Album, where some of the most famous songs from Brian Eno have been rearranged by Popoli Dalpane Ensamble in an acoustic and instrumental fashion. It’s the perfect soundtrack for meditating in front of a glass of wine.


I’ve been wondering for some years already: how come anyone has never thought about it? And the answer I used to give myself was: well it’s sh… a poor thing to combine Brian Eno and wine, just taking advantage that the greek prefix Ùinos for wine it’s written just like the last name of the “more” musician between the non-musicians. Maybe I was not alone in that, but I dare that everyone’s answer would be: yes, it’s really crap. But, you see, this is my way, I know, a bad way: when I like a title I want to fill it up with something. And I started to believe that rearranging Brian Eno’s songs with acoustic instruments could have been the perfect soundtrack for wine tasting in cellars, wine shops and wherever wine is appreciated and elevated to culture, alongside being a consolatory, rewarding drink. “Nunc est bibendum, nunc pede libero pulsanda tellus”: didn’t Horace write so? And before him, didn’t Alceo wrote ‘nun krÈ mezistÈn’, “Now we must get drunk”? Well, as usual, I tried and seek for justifications and accomplices. The first accomplice was Oderso Rubini, a guy that when I tell him craps doesn’t tell me to go to hell, not at first maybe. And Oderso put me in contact with this band of fools, of fool performers that plays in this record. About justifications: looking here and there I found something wonderful, almost beyond belief: Brian Eno had in high esteem the “Dynamic model of non-hierarchic self-organisation” by Stafford Beer, a London scholar in cybernetics theory who died in 2002. It was funny to find out that Stafford Beer published in 1994 a huge collection of essays which title was “How Many Grapes Went Into The Wine”. I was looking for a short and smart subtitle, to make a banal phonetic-trick title work. And I had found it. Then along came the rest: the choice of the songs, from the first four Brian Eno solo records, those more “Songs”, the reharsals, and at last the record. I’m happy this record exists. Do you find the title and the subtitle are awesome, don’t you? Maybe the music too. But I don’t understand much about it. Franco Zanetti 1.St.Elmo’s fire 4.17 2.Put a straw under baby 3.18 3.Golden Hours 3,32 4.By this river 3.42 5.Driving me Backwards 5.30 6.I’ll come running 3.13 7.Third uncle 5.04 8.Back in judy’s jungle 4.32 9.The fat lady of limbourg 4.46 10.Sky saw 4.37 11.Baby’s on fire 5.50 12.On some faraway beach 5.37 13.China my China 4.31 14.Needles in the camel’s eye 6.48